Mehrnoush Roudaki

International Transformational Mentor and Facilitator


Mentoring Services

Learn how to be present through a series of online or in-person sessions

Better Health

Trained in a variety of modalities for creating better health, Mehrnoush falicitates powerful transformation of body and mind simultaneously

Private On-line Courses

Enjoy powerful online zoom courses with Mehrnoush

Weekly On-line Group

The most powerful transformational course for radical, fast, positive changes

One on One

Move at your own pace working with Mehrnoush in a personalized course - just for you

Empowerment Workshops

Change your life for good and for the better through stepping into a powerful grounded space of self-awareness

On-line Group Courses

Move as one cohesive group to share in the process of empowerment

Monthly Online Mentoring Group

Attendees gather each month to share experiences and receive tips and guidance to perform at their best in gaining more love and success

About Mehrnoush

A sought-after therapist for sports professionals, business executives and people seeking personal breakthroughs, Mehrnoush delivers a potent package of transformational tools incorporating her life work and well-honed skills towards assisting others in gaining more love, money and success, effectively, quickly.

Mehrnoush travels the world delivering her message on how to improve ones’ life through imparting the tools, technologies and wisdom of the Love, Money and Success Academy.


Katrin and Sabrina

“It changed my life for the better incredibly fast”


“Mehrnoush is a great instructor and delivered the course with tremendous clarity. I gained great skills for earning more money, which has worked very well for me.”


“I started making more money immediately AND within a few days after completing the course I found love!”