Mehrnoush Roudaki

My vision

My entire focus is on how I can make a positive difference for each person who enrolls in the course, attends my seminars or engages in the one-on-one mentoring services that I provide

A Revolutionary Voice Creating Positive Change

Making a Difference Around the Globe

Absolute integrity and authenticity governs the unique style of mentoring that Mehrnoush offers her clients and students.


One can be assured that they are in good hands, fully understood, and nurtured into their highest potential.

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Body and Mind


"With the right kind of guidance, we gain the ability for creating a career that fully supports who we enjoy being.  Through attracting the type of people who empower us and by living with conscious attention, our entire life upgrades on every level. I would love to lead you towards achieving this amazing state of being. Please enroll and enjoy a course with me!" ......... ~ Mehrnoush

Germany, France, Turkey, United States, Greece, Australia, Iran, Portugal, Russia and More!

Global Impact

Integrating body and mind into the present moment