Chief Visionary
and Master Facilitator

Her Passion:

Transforming lives around the globe

Mehrnoush Roudaki

Successful International Facilitator and Mentor

Born in Shiraz, Iran, Mehrnoush is a trained physiotherapist and accredited personal development coach with powerful abilities to impart quantum healing, high-quality nutritional coaching, as well as highly trained in Ontological Science, chiropractic healing, and professional Golden-Ratio system for body balance. Her focus with students and clients resides on all levels: body, mind and soul.

A sought-after therapist for sports professionals, business executives and people seeking personal breakthroughs, Mehrnoush delivers a potent package of transformational tools incorporating her life work and well-honed skills towards assisting others in gaining more love, money and success, effectively, quickly.

Mehrnoush travels the world delivering her message on how to improve ones’ life through imparting the tools, technologies and wisdom of the Love, Money and Success Academy.

Since 2014, Mehrnoush has held a powerful vision for the world


Be Present

When we feel worthy inside and out, we love our whole being and realize the importance of taking care of our being in a positive way. If we think that we are not worthy of having a healthy body, love, money or success, we tend to sabotage our life through eating the wrong kinds of foods, engaging in the wrong type of activity, and loving the wrong kind of people who fail to support our empowerment; as well, we tend to sabotage our career and potential to earn money.

When we love our self, our whole being, we allow others to contribute to our ability to thrive, too, such as contracting a coach to assist with improving our skills for taking care of ourselves, to learn technologies for developing loving relationships and for gaining the wisdom for creating a career that fully supports who we enjoy being.


Through attracting the right kind of people, empowering our total being with a great sense of responsibility and conscious attention, our entire life upgrades on every level.

I invite you to enroll and begin to thrive in a substantial, healthy way in all areas of your life: love, income, success and quality time with kind, loving, friends who live in integrity and authenticity, contributing to your success and personal empowerment. Begin today with the introductory course: Love, Money & Success. It will improve your life, tremendously.


  • Tune into who you are
  • Discover what you really love
  • Learn how to be responsible for being YOU
  • Create a sharp discernment for what is working or not working

The Keys of Love, Money & Success

How to Be Present

Often, we compare and try to be someone else rather than who we really are and push ourselves unnecessarily. Our mind is very busy with its own agenda and tends to ignore what our body needs, what our whole being needs to be fully present to the moment, enjoying life right where we are. 

Comparing and attempting to be like someone else, is not being present to our own being.  What is stopping many of us from entering into authentic action is the resistance to clean the failure from the past, the disempowering conversations that we entertain in the mind, the tendency not to forgive when it is essential and the tendency to hold onto a past identity. 

In this powerful, ground-breaking course, we recreate a new life with phenomenal breakthroughs.

Please join me for this spectacular, fun, rewarding adventure into authentic self and the results of an extraordinary life filled with love, money and success!

Mehrnoush's Story

Born 1981, in Shiraz, Iran, Mehrnoush Roudaki brings tremendous passion into her work.

Exiled from Iran during the tumultuous military conflict of the mid-eighties, Mehrnoush, with her family entered Germany and began a new life, protected and safe-guarded from the catastrophes and devastation of war while leaving a traumatic impact.

This extraordinary life experience brought extreme and difficult consequences for Mehrnoush, which developed a powerful ability to express clairvoyant skills. This unique, psychic expression gained Mehrnoush the extraordinary sensitivity to see pain, emotionally and physically and then, offer insights on how to treat and overcome many diseases, mental and physical ailments, too.

Coupled with her psychic, intuitive abilities is the advanced training she has received as a physiotherapist and lifestyle mentor, imparting life-skills for quality living, which includes nutrition, quantum healing and the revolutionary, ground-breaking teachings of Love, Money & Success Academy.

From 2007 – 2015, Mehrnoush founded and operated the Medicine Esthetic Competent Center in Frankfurt, working with professional bankers, offering physical rehabilitation services and working with Radoslav Minkov, a professional sports trainer and genius therapist. During this same period, Mehrnoush managed the physical therapy and life renewal program at Auszeit @ Nordzucker, AG.

Since 2014, Mehrnoush has operated as the executive director for Love, Money & Success program and international course leader and trainer for professional certification. Founded in 2015, her second company: Ava Care, created while visiting America, provides mental, physical and biochemical therapies for wholistic living and empowered life expression.


Mehrnoush completed Grabovoi Methods Course in Thailand in 2012, various Landmark courses internationally from 2007 to 2015, completed energetic healing course taught by Djado Petar of Varna Bulgaria in 2014 and co-founded Love, Money & Success Course in 2014 with Charles Biderman, a successful wall-street and real estate businessman.

Mehrnoush is a much sought-after therapist for sports professionals, counseling for chief executives, cutting-edge university programs and politicians worldwide as she conducts workshops and online courses around the world, leading many people into a positive reality through the courses presented at the Love, Money and Success Academy. Currently, Mehrnoush divides her time between Turkey, Germany and Hawaii with her daughter, Ava, while traveling and teaching a global movement for uplifting humanity.